Grab Your Wellies and GO.....

........go back to school!

is not just about kids and their parents, "back to school" is about our own "back to school" feelings from our own days.  We all remember it, it was a mixture of dread and excitement.  Its a new start, a beginning of something.... For those younger ones its a new bag, new school shoes, new teacher, new things to learn. For the more mature its a new routine, new season, change in the air and maybe even some new shoes.....

Jump on board the back to school bus..... 

........Its Festival Season!

What's a festival without a pair of wellies, go classic, go funky, get noticed with a pair of OhMyWelly wellies!

Dahlia Evercreatures Ladies Wellies Toes Together

........Go Green for St. Patricks Day

Love it or hate it there's no denying St. Patricks day. Grab your greenery, catch a parade and embrace the fun.  Green wellies anyone?

Ladies Evercreatures Green Ankle Wellies Back

........Take a Few Days Away

Its always good to get away from your four walls so whether its visiting family or splashing out on some 4 star accommodation its a chance to recharge the batteries. Its was mid term break for the kids this week so we headed south to visit grandparents, cousins, aunties and unlces.  We love it... once the packing is done.

........Get Ready for Spring

Hail,rain and shine, its Spring. So no matter what the weather, the mornings are getting brighter and the evenings are getting longer. Its time to come out of hibernation and soak up some Vitamin D when you can find it. Bring your raincoat and brolly just in case and always have your wellies to hand.


........Be Storm Ready

It started with Storm Abigail and we've just said goodbye to Storm Frank. The devastation and havoc that these storms have brought is horrendous. Drastic action is required to help those affected and prevent this from happening to this scale again.

........see the Christmas Lights Switched On

There's events all over the country in the coming week or two to switch on the Christmas lights in towns and villages across the country. No matter what the weather, don your wellies and get out and soak up some Christmas atmosphere......

....visit a Castle

I grew up in a town with its very own historic castle, I passed it every single day. Tourists came from far and wide to visit. I knew the history of it, I just never made it past the door..... until last year.

Fully grown with a family of my own, I visited the castle for the first time last year! Why did it take me so long? I loved it, the kids loved, even my better half was glad he went.

I now live in another town with another castle and the closest I've been is the onsite cafe! Outrageous! I'm going this weekend!

Well not this weekend because its Halloween and the weekend is jam packed but definitely next weekend.....

Check out and find your nearest castle. Even the most sceptical in your party will most likely enjoy it.

....its the Bank Holiday Weekend

I’m not sure where October has gone but the Bank Holiday Weekend (BHW) is nearly here.

I don’t know what it is about BHWs but the week leading up to them is one of the busiest weeks of the year, culminating in Frantic Friday before it starts.

And as for the week after, the phrase "slowest week ever!" seems appropriate.

However as we are still on the right side of the BHW (Bank Holiday weekend) lets plan to go, go, go.

Get away from your four walls, wherever they may be and get out and about. The weekend will feel longer, you'll feel better, general crankiness and fall outs will be averted and the forecast is good.

To all welly wearers out there, and to those who have yet to be converted, have a great bank holiday weekend!

....Pick a Pumpkin

Its already Autumn and the country is turning orange. It won't be long now until we're talking about Halloween and this year we're planning on picking our own pumpkins. We've never done it before but I've been looking around for places to go. Here's what I've found so far....

If you have any recommendations let us know on and we'll share them on our Facebook page.

.....Plant Daffodils

Its easy, its cheap and nothing says "Winter is over" more than seeing your first daffodil appear next year. Whether you have a massive garden or a small pot go put some daffodil bulbs in it now, cover with some compost and forget about them for the winter. Its a simple as that! Every garden centre and supermarket is selling them at the moment. You'll be so glad you did.

....Kick up Some Autumn Leaves

We're spoilt for choice in Ireland with our fabulous forests and parks. If you're looking for somewhere to go, hail, rain or shine there's lots of information on The leaves are changing colour and its absolutely gorgeous. Pack a flask and a snack and brave a picnic or even if you have it in the car after it'll be the best cuppa you'll have all week. For the young and not so young, sling your wellies in the boot and check it out.